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The Tokyo 'Mind' Drift Effect

The fine art of losing attention

When the mind Tokyo Drifts into the next lane

Speeding Tokyo Drift GIF by The Fast Saga




Conversion Rates

The Cause

If the screen stays unchanged for over a second after using tech, your mind may wander. If it takes about 10 seconds for a change, your focus may shift entirely.

The Effects

  • The user may lose interest entirely

  • When they lose interest, they might go through the process but skip entering complete (or accurate) information

    • They might not have taken the time to choose all their ‘interested topics’ and instead just selected one

The Recommendations

The aim is to avoid your users waiting in idle.

  • Use lazy loading images

    • Helps the user know something is coming

    • An alternative is to show spinners, similar to Apple’s famous beach ball - letting the user know it’s taking a while

  • Enable hover states

    • Makes the experience feel interactive

Loop Waiting GIF by BenneBockshecker

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